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Elite GRE as our key product boasts a strong team of trainers and effective course design. All our GRE teachers are leaders in the profession and our top trainers have over 15 years of experience. They have helped hundreds of thousands of students in their pursuit of top schools. Our GRE program features section-specific modules. Each module is developed based on the specific challenges, scope, and depth of each section to ensure the best outcomes. Elite Master GRE is a pioneer in combining customized teaching with student progress tracking. The Head Teacher of each class keeps track of each student’s learning journey to ensure steady progress. We are also the first program to promise a minimum exam score and a full refund if the promise was not met. We have full confidence in the value of our courses and enjoy numerous success stories. For GRE prep, Elite Master is the place to be!

Program Introduction

Suitable for

  1. Incoming junior/senior students, hoping to improve GPA through standardized test training.

  2. Students hoping for fast and effective GRE prep in 5 weeks to master core exam content and critical thinking.

  3. Students aiming for 320 or overcoming the 325 “trap”.

  4. Students planning to apply for US, Singapore, and UK G3.




live classes on Zoom + recordings for review

Head Teacher

supervise and motivate every student in the course

Question Bank

learning + practice with GRE4 mock exams

Top Counselors

1) Score advantage: all our GRE trainers have scored over 335; the highest overall score is 337 and the highest Verbal score is 167.

2) Mathematics: taught by Peking University math graduate who will provide high-quality training to help students overcome their weaknesses in math.

3) Verbal section: led by a former member of the New Oriental Teaching and Research team

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Larry, a very confident student, set his sights on the Master of Finance program at Schulich School of Business. After learning that GRE was a mandatory requirement in the application, he began to prepare for the test on his own and took the test in January 2020 with the conviction of triumph. Yet it did not turn out the way he expected. He tumbled on the supposedly easy section of math. As the application deadline was fast approaching, he enrolled in Elite Master's GRE 1v1 VIP math program. During 10 hours of tutoring, our trainer Henry walked Larry through all the key points from calculus to the geometric equation. Thanks to Henry's meticulous coaching, Larry achieved a high score of 167 in math and succeeded in the GRE test.

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