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Elite GMAT Boot Camp is North America's first 28-day boot camp to help applicants achieve satisfactory GMAT scores in a short timeframe. Our academic team ensures that the course is practical, systematic, and tailored to students' needs in terms of difficulty level, knowledge progression and question selection. Our goal is to impart knowledge and help our students achieve good scores. We provide customized VIP one on one consulting service 24/7 to address each student's unique challenges in a meticulous and outcome-oriented manner. That is why our GMAT program enjoys a 99% satisfaction rate and numerous client referrals. For GMAT preparation, Elite Mater is the place to be!


GMAT Star Instructor


  • Major in Finance, Minor in Economics, University of Pennsylvania 

  • MBA, Oxford University

  • MMAI (Master of Management in Artificial Intelligence), Schulich School of Business (expected)

  • Taught GMAT to 500+ students since 2014

Program Design


Key Knowledge

In-depth Learning

  • Detailed dissection of key knowledge areas

  • Recorded sessions can be viewed as many times as necessary


Targeted Assignment and Feedback

  • Targeted assignment to address specific challenges

  • To enhance knowledge comprehension and absorption


Question Bank Practice

  • Intensive practice with question bank 

  • To overcome weaknesses and make breakthroughs


Personalized Coaching

  • One-on-one private coaching

  • To provide guidance and cover all grounds


Diagnosis Report

  • Targeted tutoring and feedback

  • Exam Prep Guidance and Advice


Average Score

The average score of our GMAT class is 620 which ensures a decent and usable result for our students at their first attempt.


Top Score

Over the last 12 months, a student named KZ achieved an excellent score of 740 with the help of Elite trainers. Even his first attempt was already a high score of 710.


Counselor's Score

Our counselor Nicole, an Oxford MBA graduate, has an exceptionally high score of 770. She has accumulated 1000 hours of teaching experience at New Oriental Group.

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Ken, a senior majoring in statistics at the University of Toronto, attended our Nov.2019 class. Despite his strength in science subjects, he was weak with grammar which he was determined to overcome. After attending our small-sized VIP class (6 students) and receiving 20 office hours of coaching (Q&A and mock exam) from Nichole, he achieved an excellent score of 740 and received an offer from Schulich's MMAI program which he’s looking forward to attending in September.

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